Lim Boon Siew

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

My fate in God

 Hello my name is Michael Lim and I'm from Malaysia. It all started when I first started going to Primery School, my homeroom teacher began to notice that I was unusual slow in understanding the local language. This, of course, worry my teachers and parents because they did not fully know why I am the only one in my family have this. But when one of my friend from school told his mother about me, she soon ask my parents to visit a hospital to do a click up just in case.

 So on Friday morning, my parents make an appointment with the doctor and soon after many different tests that I needed to partake, the doctor came to the conclusion that I have dyslexia. At first i was really scared since I did not know what it was and if am I the only one in my family that have it, so I isolation my feeling from everyone around me, even my family I started to hide my true feeling about it.

 Sometime pass and it was Easter Vigil, I was asleep when I heard a voice, a gentle, loving and warmth voice telling me this, "everything is all right, you don't need to worry about yourself anymore, everything well be fine, I need you to truss in me, Michael,". After that event, I have change into a different person, in a way. Still a shy person, I began to open my feeling to my friends, teachers and family who were worry about me. 

 I soon began to realize that I was not alone, their were other people that have simile case to me in one way or another. After many years, trying to improve myself in my education, I started to have the same dream that I had all those years ago. If I remember it rigth, this voice said this to me, "Hello, Michael. It seems like what I have ask you do to has been done but you must never forget the things you have learned through your journey. Have fate in yourself and in me to help you in your darkest hour,". 

Well that is my story, on how I have change throughout my young life and that I have always have fate in God because I still have many things to do, so I hope that we will all thank God for the family we have, the friends we have bond, the teachers that we learn from and most of all, the people we meet in our daliy life.

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