Laila Son

Viry-Châtillon, France


My name is Laïla. I was born in France in the early 80’s. My parents were still students when they had me. They did not plan to have a child. Because of her family's reaction, a friend of my mother advised her to have an abortion, which she refused. When her family found out that she was expecting, they vehemently threatened her, and turned their back on her. I was not even born yet, and my mother's family already rejected me.

My Parents

My parents broke up a few years after my birth. I grew up with my mother, a devoted Muslim. When I was a child, my mother found out that she has an incurable disease. The doctor informed her that she would end up disabled. At that time, my mother was single and had two jobs. Whenever she suffered from rheumatism, she could not take care of herself, so I did. My father lived in France for a few years before he flew back home. My parents agreed that I would go and visit him on every summer. Yet, as much as I wanted to spend more time with my father, it barely happened… Whereas I kept a happy little girl face, down deep my heart was broken.

The discovery

When I was about 10, my mother worked for several months in a major car company. She was deeply touched by one of her colleague's kindness and caring personality. This woman happened to be a Christian. On many occasions, she offered to pray for her. One day, she invited my mum to listen to an Imam’s son story. My mother listened to this testimony and was deeply affected by the quotations used by the Imam’s son, from the Koran. A few months later, she became Christian. Going forward, she knew that God had forgiven her sins and was convinced that she will go to Heaven.  During this time of soul-searching, I would go to church with my mum.One day while at home, my mother prayed so that Jesus heals her incurable disease, and He did so! For me, this was an eye opening of the presence, power and love of Jesus. From this day forward, I started to deeply love God. At 13 years old, I realized that very human being, myself including was guilty before God because of our sins. Even though I was very young, I knew that I was a sinner, therefore I felt the need to ask God for forgiveness. Furthermore I was convinced that Jesus-Christ had died on the Cross because of our sins, so, I gave my live to Him.

The crisis

I had rough teenage years and often argued with my mother. I was upset as she refused to let me go out with my friends. My heart was full of bitterness, rebellion and hard feelings against her. When I attempted to turn to my father, he remained silent. Not only was he physically absent but so was he emotionally.  My heart was shattered, I was hurt. So instead I focused on fashion and music to compensate my father's absence. These new activities took over the love I originally had for God. I would go to church on Sundays but acted as if He was inexistent on weekdays. Secretly, I would say to God: “What's the point of living? Take me away! I can’t live anymore!”

At the age of 16, a member of my family passed away from my father’s side. I was deeply upset. For months, I was depressed and had no more purpose in life. Nothing managed to mitigate my pain. When I reached the lowest point of my life, I said to Jesus: "I remember Bible stories when I would attend Sunday school, so I ask you God to intervene. If you don’t do anything, I will no longer believe nor go to Church". Within months, Jesus had effortlessly turned my pain into joy. I found peace in Him.

The decision

From that moment on, I decided to give my entire life to the Lord, let Him guide me in every decision that I have to make, and on a daily basis. Within years, I was completely healed. God had showed me that He is not only a confident, but also a Father who watches over me and loves me unconditionally. God’s love gave me a brand new heart to be happy again and love others. Thanks to God’s love, I was able to forgive my parents and reconcile with my mother. Life is not always easy but the love and presence of Jesus-Christ help me pull through as I am now filled with joy, peace and hope. Jesus-Christ heals broken hearts and reveals God’s love.

He knows what you feel deep inside and is The only one who can fill your heart with His love, joy and peace, so that you can live a fulfilled life.

I invite you to get to know Him.





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