Kornelija Kubilienė

Kaunas, Lithuania

One of the most boring things

I will start of my story with one of the periods in my life – my teenage years. I suppose, I did not differ anyhow from other teens in school at that time. I had kind of an ordinary attitude towards religion and I thought that the church is one of the most boring places to spend your time. I considered that the only people who could enjoy being in the mass where pensioners, and if I would meet some youth who were involved in church activities I would definitely consider them being somehow strange. Moreover, at that time I would categorize people into ''cool'' ones and ''lame'' ones, so the churchy guys would definitely fit into the second box.

While the time passed, I started feeling the need to improve myself as a personality and to change the people in my life who were not influencing me positively. I started desiring to find the real purpose of life, to find the most equitable way of living. We live only once, so I wanted to find out how to do it in the best way. As I took interest in the various worldviews, philosophies and religions, I understood one thing: that the only power which is able to totally change my incomplete and empty life is - God. At the same time, one of my friends with whom I used to have parties sometimes became a Christian. She became the one with whom I could discuss all my life questions. She would invite me to go to a protestant church were everybody would sing some nice songs. While listening to them I would feel uncomfortable because everyone would usually sing them from their hearts and I wouldn't feel at all like singing it. Despite all the strangeness which I felt being in the company of Christians (they would just gather and sing worship songs all night, pray and be loving and nice to each other) one time I decided to sing the words of the song "Jesus I want to know You more" sincerely and from all of my heart. It was not easy at all, because it felt like getting out of my comfort zone and bowing myself before the God almighty with who I never had a relationship before. From that time my life completely changed miraculously. I started feeling this strong desire of getting to know Jesus better and better, read His word, pray and worship Him, to love people and to finally stop categorizing them. I quitted smoking as I was addicted to nicotine from 12 years old until 15. I did not see the need of drinking alcohol anymore and felt so happy because of the freedom which came into my life.

I can absolutely witness with all of my life that Jesus is the only way the truth and the life. Everyday of my life is now full of peace as I can trust Him 100%. No matter what happens, all things work together for my good if I love my God.

While being a Christian, the only feature which differs me from the non-Christians is believing in Christ and having a relationship with Him. Just because of that my heart is changed and it influences all parts of my life.

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