Jolanda Schärer

Brail, Switzerland

Full steam ahead into a new life

Child- and Teenage-hood

I grew up as the youngest of 4 children and until the age of 9 experienced a worry free childhood. Suddenly I could not breathe easily and my eyes were all swollen and closed up. This lasted for 6 months. I was not able to attend school, had to stay in bed and had to wait for an appointment to see the consultant. I was diagnosed with severe aasthma and a reduceld lung capacity. This was a blow, and I had to give away my pets.

Fitness and Dance

Early on in my childhood I wanted to move and enjoyed dancing. I found my identity in fitness and dancing which bedame my world. I had hardly left school when I opened a Gym-and dance studio. My dancing coach suffered from a burnout and I stood in for her. That was my world.


When I was 17 I discovered that I was pregnant despite taking precautions. Wretchedness, embarrassment and despair flooded over me. My boy friend who knew that I was pregnant and I did not want to trouble my parents. My g


I left home and moved to a different part of Switzerland. But God followed. I was invited by a local youth group to attend a meeting. They showed me a film about 'abortion' and how God feels about it. This spoke to my heart and my conscience started to bother me and my heart started to 'bleed'. I ran home to my room and asked jesus, whom I knew from childhood, to forgive my sins. I cried my heart out and committed my abortion to Jesus, God's Son. I told him how sorry I was and asked Him for forgiveness.


At that precise moment in time I experienced physical and psychological forgiveness. A big burden fell off me and my conscience experienced a deep inner peace. I knew and experienced that Jesus Christ had forgiven my sins. He has thrown this horrid sin into the deepest sea where there is a sign that fishing is forbidden. However, I knew that I could not call my innocent child back to life. That remained a consequence of my sin. I took solace in the knowledge that my child is now with the heavenly Daddy, with God. And I tell you, dear reader, don't let anyone steal your child, go ahead with this pregnancy, however it happened!

Still not understood

Unfortunately I still carried on with my life despite experiencing forgiveness.

The most important decision of my life

When I was 25 years old I was invited to a church meeting and there I realized that I wanted what those young people had. There was something I had been searching for and now I felt that I wanted to have this too. Since then I started to read my bible and had lots of talks with Christians. I understood, that God made me, loves me and will stick with me whatever happens. So I gave my life to Jesus. I told him that from now on 'You would guide my life, I want to live with You. Thank you that you forgive all my debts and accept me as your child. You are my heavenly Daddy.'


It is brilliant to have a heavenly daddy like Him.


In 1989 I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on my thyroid gland and had very poor blood results. I trusted God and accepted this diagnosis. A little time later I was invited to a church service. I went there. During the worship time a person whom I did not know suddenly announced that God showed her, that there was a person present who had very bad blood values. This person was asked to come to the front for prayer.

Instant healing from a malignant thyroid tumor

Hey, that was I. I never experienced anything like it. After hesitating I finally went to the front and told the person my diagnosis. She prayed for me and asked in the name of Jesus for healing. Yes, Jesus is Victor, Redeemer, Saviour, Wonderworker and Healer. I was healed instantly. Can you believe this? Yes, this is true. Jesus has healed me. The tumor has disappeared; the blood results were  completely normal. Hallelujah, praise and thanks to our heavenly Daddy and Jesus Christ. Two days later I was thoroughly examined in the hospital and my GP confirmed that I was healed, I was healthy.

And today?

Today I am married and mother of 7 children. My identity is in Jesus, He is my All. My help comes from the Lord. I am still able to do my fitness training, have written a book, achieved with God's help a second place in the Fitness-European Championships. With God you can scale walls! Don't forget, Jesus wants to transform your ruined life into building blocks of victory, say YES to Jesus Christ.






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