John McNeill

Copenhagen, Denmark

Living with the Vikings

Growing up in W. Belfast during the height of the “troubles” in the 1970's was such an adventure. It may have been called Christian Ireland but God was absent from my life & Jesus was only a swear word. 

Good news, Bad news…

This all began to change at High School when I heard some good news from a teacher – God loved me, in fact he even liked me! However, the bad news was close at hand, there was stuff in my young life called ‘sin’ that stopped me from being God’s friend. But the really good news was that Jesus came to restore that relationship.

My 1st Prayer

So, in a simple act of faith I prayed that Jesus would be part my life. To be honest it was a little dissappointing. I had expected a shaft of light coming thru the window or at least an angel singing – something to let me know that God was listening. Instead, I heard loud banging on the door (I shared a bedroom with 3 brothers). So the first act as a new follower of Jesus was to hit my kid brother since he had interrupted my 'holy' moment! Since then I have experienced God's forgiveness on a daily basis. That 1st humble prayer started an adventure that continues to this day. 

New Trajectory

Jesus was now in my life and it was on a different trajectory. God's love changed everything and I was glad to follow his lead and not just my own selfish meandering. My life had a purpose, with something much bigger than just me. This led me to work much harder at school and get to University where I qualified as a science teacher. It also got me into the orbit of a drop-dead gorgeous lady called Ruth, whom has been my wife for the last 32 years!

Authorised Distributor of Joy

Together with my wife Ruth, I have been privileged to walk with God and give him the best part of my working day. The adventure that has captured my heart for most of life has been, being God's 'authorised distributor of joy'. This joy is found in Jesus and his commission has taken me from my home in Ireland to live in Africa, in both Malawi and Namibia. I presently live amongst the English in Birmingham. The joyous adventure continues around Europe…

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