Joel Suter

Zug, Switzerland

Free of Doubts

Already during my childhood, faith in God was a central theme in our home. My parents would often tell me stories from the Bible and I went to church on a regular basis. During my teenage years, I started actively serving in church and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the church services and I couldn’t imagine missing one of them. Right around the age of 19, I then started having doubts. Do I only believe in God because my parents immunized faith into me? Does Jesus really exist? Were the miracles that I felt I had witnessed only a fragment of my imagination, a Placebo effect? Do not all religions embody the truth? Or do none of them? How do I deal with apparent inconsistencies in regards to creation vs evolution? Questions such as these as well as others started to take root inside of me. In the beginning they surfaced seldom then more and more until I was literally tormented by them. Despite the doubts, I still decided to study theology (because I enjoyed church so much) and I even worked as a youth pastor. All this made the nagging questions even worse. I would preach from the Bible and I wanted to believe it with all my heart but I was still totally uncertain. There were moments when I’d experience Jesus and for a short time the doubts would move to the background but then in the next moment they would come back full force. I was considering stopping my studies and I asked God to show Himself anew to me. Within a short amount of time I met two young men who had both tried to commit suicide and I explained to them the path of salvation in Jesus (even despite my doubts). And it worked. Within a short amount of time both changed their way of life, became free from drugs and depression, and started working in a job. Today both are happily married. This experience helped me to push my doubts to the background but they ended up resurfacing. More and more and stronger and stronger. In my desperation I sought out a counselor. What happened there was very important for me. Immediately, I saw various scenes from my childhood with my inner eye. Each of them had something to do with the formation of the doubts. The counselor prayed for each of those occurrences in the name of Jesus. And all of a sudden the doubts were gone. The fact that Jesus died for me was not a guess any more, it was a certainty. That I can have eternal life just the same. Wow! This changed my life and today, I feel free! If you are also plagued by doubts that trample your quality of life, feel free to contact me. I’m glad to share with you what Jesus has done in my life.

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