João Rodrigues

Fatima, Portugal

Why I love Jesus

My name is Joao. I was a very happy young man. I thought. I had many friends, I was well known in my city, I attended church, but when I got home the joy I felt disappeared and gave way to a deep sadness, life made no sense. He felt me dead and in reality he was dead in my sins. Lying was part of my life and so was what we call petty theft. But small or big it didn't matter because I felt lost, I even thought about suicide. What a life was this I thought. Is this what living is?! There has to be more than this. I felt that I needed to change, but I didn't know how or what.

But someone told me: "Commit your way to the Lord trust in Him and everything will be done". Giving up my false way of “small” thefts, that is, my way was just a sin. How would anyone want a path like that when even I was getting tired of it. But Jesus for his great love for me He wanted me to give him my way and I had to trust Him. And so I did. I gave him my life of sin and he made me happy. That's why I love Jesus and testify to Him.

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