James Sanford

Cambridge, UK


Religion has always been a part of my life but whether I would have considered myself a Christian is a different story. My parents are Christian, my Grandparents are Christian and I went to faith Secondary school. All these signs were showing me what it means to be a Christian, what it means to follow God yet I didn't take any notice of them. It took some R.E homwework where I had to ponder some of lifes big questions like what is the purpose of life? Whilst doing this I felt compeled to follow Jesus because I suddenly realised, what actually does it mean to be a Christian? am I a Christian? Do I actually go about my daily life as a Christian? Do I have to change my life? Do I have to change who I am? Are there any particulat actions I have to perform? The answer is simply no. I found that all I have to have is faith in Jesus Christ. Once I have this faith I will perform those actions and things which God wants me do.

When I was looking in the Bible I noticed that Jesus performed miracles, these were signs to a much bigger picture, a picture of eternal life and Salvation and a Relationship with God. I saw parallels with my youth, I saw that there were these signs pointing me towards God and that these signs were showing me a better life where I could have a relationship with God as well as eternal life and salvation.

So Religion has always been a part of my life but now I would consider myself a Christian. My story has only just begun and I hope that my story and life as a Christian will continue to grow and flourish.

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