Leena Kapoor

New Delhi, India

Fear Lifted

"One of these days, God will send fire down and destroy me!"

I am Leena Kapoor from India. The statement above was the most prominent thought on my mind every Sunday at church. Growing up in a Catholic household, going to church on Sunday's was a happy ritual. When I turned a teenager, it stopped being a pleasant experience. Fear dogged my steps as I walked into the church or went up to receive communion. My life was hardly ideal and I felt that God was just biding His time before He visited judgement on me. Getting back home, I felt powerless to stop doing or thinking of things which made me feel dirty. It was the same week in and week out.

In class 8 or thereabouts, I learnt of the Charismatic retreats for students, where the presence of God was felt tangibly. I began asking around for information on when and where the next one was expected. I had to wait for 3 long years before I got to attend one. I was so excited!

I listened to the message on the love of God for me through Jesus. In all my church experience I had not heard that Jesus' blood had been shed so that I could be forgiven and become God's child again. I confessed all my wrong doings and a lightness that I had never felt before flooded my being and tears came pouring out of me! Later in the retreat I received the Holy Spirit.

Since then, I felt a joy that was unquenchable! Patience, which I was short of before, became second nature to me. My performance at school improved dramatically and I had several miraculous supernatural experiences of knowing how to answer difficult questions and face difficult situations. 

God is my constant companion and I love to spend time with Him and experience a knowing on how to deal with life, no matter the nature of the challenge. I am an accomplished trainer in the field of Education, and the Lord Jesus never stops influencing the people that He puts in my path. 

I am still learning about better and better ways to tell people about Him and His unstinting love.

Would you like to know more about Jesus and His transforming power? His ability to make you successful, look good and bring solace and grace to a hurting friend or even a stranger, is His speciality! You can write a message to me on my facebook page, or email me your questions.

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