Ana Baciu

Chisinau, Moldova

No Condemnation in Christ Jesus

I was the only child in my family. During my childhood I was a quiet and obedient girl. I listened to my parents and I had good marks at school. This fact I can’t say about my teenage years. I had a bad attitude about men. Because of that I was treating boys without respect. I was going with my friends to lots of parties and discotheques but after I finished high school I realized my mistakes. I felt guilty about the way I was acting. I condemned myself so I was seeking refuge in my old hobbies. I began to write a lot and to read psychology. I was trying to live an honest and a moral life but at the same time I started to go more often to the church so that God could forgive my mistakes. I wanted God to help me to overcome my past and the emotions that made me feel guilty.

Being a student I found out about a summer camp organized by a group of christians from Campus Crusade for Christ where students could have the possibility to learn English. After the first year of University I decided to go to this summer camp to improve my English, but even more I wanted to escape as far as possible from my daily routine. While being at camp I was totally surprised to see students of my age talking about God. They were asking me questions I had never thought before. I saw them so happy and their souls seemed to be fulfilled with something that I never had. So I get very interested and I wanted to find out what makes them so different. Soon I realized that there is a hole in the soul of men that only God can fill. There I found out that Jesus forgave my sins through His death and resurrection.  All I needed was to accept and believe that! Coming home I decided to seek God more, but more exactly to read the Bible. 

 I was also going to the meetings with students from Campus Crusade during the year where we had amazing discussions about student life. We were studying the Bible, playing games, singing and having lots of fun. Soon I realized that I didn’t want to spend my time going to parties, discos and see students drinking, destroying their health and loosing their time. After half a year I was invited to the annual student winter conference. Being surrounded by so many students that loved Jesus and thinking about people who live their life with God I also believed in who Jesus is and what He did for me at the cross. I decided to let Him lead my life. I took the decision at the Conference and several days later my friend and I prayed for Jesus to come into my life and to experience His forgiveness.           

What I was doing for people because of my wish to be a good girl now I do because of Christ who gives me forgiveness of sins and eternal life. Now I don’t blame myself any more for my mistakes because I believe that Jesus forgave all my sins. Apostle Paul says that “now there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ”. I go to Church to praise Jesus for what He did for me. I volunteer in my country with Campus Crusade that helps students to receive Jesus in their life and experience forgiveness. Now I live my life by reading the Bible almost every day and I have a strong desire to live my life obeying Jesus. 

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