Ydriss Junior MUKAM

Yaoundé, Cameroon

The true meaning of my life JESUS

A DIFFICULT BIRTH: Before I formed you in the womb I knew you The day I was born, I was detected obstruction of the airways, which prevented me from crying as do children normally at birth. I was there inert giving no sign of life, causing great panic in the hospital and great sorrow in the heart of my parents. It was after intense moments of resuscitation I pushed my first cry, and later was detected by examining me closely abscess in my hand, I had to have an operation within hours my coming into this world. It is the testimony that my parents told me about later, they say it's a miracle that I'm still alive because I was very ill during my childhood. We did not expect much from me, it's inspired me early on to fall back on myself and always away from others. It is with this mindset reserved, shy and sometimes fearful that I took my first steps in the world.

DISCOVER THE WORLD Once restored, I grew up like all young people in the customs and traditions of my tribe who taught us to speak to the dead ancestors to see healers (marabouts) to protect and treat disputes, to make sacrifices animal ancestors to have peace and preserve curses. It is this related education world culture that shaped my vision, which was characterized by rebellion later, juvenile delinquency, nightlife, and all sorts of carnal passions. In my research quest thrills I abandoned myself to all that was new and brief news I was trying to follow fashion. It is during these times that I discovered the brutality that drives young people, the desire to be loved and accepted by others, the desire to seem though it is nothing, determination to succeed at all prices to get out of poverty. Soon the school became as an escape route for me, if I had become someone I should succeed in school regardless of the means. My parents were religious, but did not go to church, everyone preferred to live his faith in the heart as it is usually heard. It was my mother that I saw constantly pray before bed, but I told myself it does not much more I had the desire to succeed in life than knowing God.

BOUND BY THE PASSIONS OF YOUTH Twenties achieved my degree, it forestay me the opportunity to experience closely the passions that offered me the world. So I left home for the faculty but happiness was very short because my parents separated meantime c was a difficult time in my life I felt like being in a family that attracted all the problems of the earth. To forget the stress and anxiety that it caused me I delivered to the unbridled passions of my flesh, parties, group outings, and anything that could get me the joy for a time in my daily life. After the divorce I went to stay with my father and my little brothers sometimes forced to cook, because mom was not there, I started to cultivate women against bitterness, because I do not understand how a woman could leave her home and let her own children alone. Nevertheless, I continued my little living lonely, I formed ephemeral relationships with girls, I discovered sex, I'm rap to also seek to make me a reputation in the world. It was the only way that life offered me, although I do not really find lasting satisfaction it was better than nothing, I did not have time to reflect on life and its true essence, I was living in pace of life.  

DIVINE CALL AND RETURN THE HOUSE: Jesus said I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me I continued to live a lie and total misery to the people I was laughing but only I was choking in my heart, I was not happy, he has as a void in me, but the hardest is that I refused to accept it and I was living in the expectation that tomorrow will be better, it does not say that when there's there's life there's hope. I started going to church occasionally but in order to soothe my conscience accusing me because of the sinful life I was leading and very soon I gave up to go there because I could not see no improvements in my life. It is a day at my place of service that the MERCY of God touched my heart and took away the veil of my heart through the Gospel that campaign brothers told me, I realized that day that Jesus had already paid the price for all the misery I was living, he really died for my sins and that gave me the greatest of all hopes: ETERNAL LIFE. I realized how much God loved me, He accepted me as I am, and that He was willing to make peace with me through His Son Jesus Christ. Before this clarion call, I felt deep in my heart that it's HIM (Jesus) I needed forever but I do not realize, and that day I gave up the empty way of life that we have inherited from the world and human traditions, I received Jesus Christ my God, my Lord and since then we are heading to this day. Yes He gave real meaning to my life and that's what I look forward every day. Without him life is meaningless without taste or flavor, it is the WAY, the TRUTH that leads to LIFE for all men. Yes beloved (e) the true meaning of life is what all men seek without even knowing it and that Life is a person: Jesus Christ of Nazareth, also tries, He changed my life, and for those thousands of people; it can also do for you. If you want to share and know better what Jesus can do, write me I'd be happy to answer you. JESUS ​​CHRIST IS LORD

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