Anahit Talanchyan

Athens, Greece

God as my Priority

Hello everyone! I am Anahita! Originally I'm from Armenia. I grew up in a lovely family having a great childhood.Growing there I was an excellent student making my family to be proud of me. Also I was proud of being christian, but after years I realized what it means to be not only a nominal, but also a true christian.  9 years ago I got a scholarship for the University of Athens and I came to Greece for studies. During my studies I met a girl from Agape Athens with whom I learned to study Bible and to pray for the first time in my life. Suddenly I discover different world to enter in my life! I realized that God is everywhere and bot only at the churches. He always hears my prayers whenever and wherever I pray. As more I was studying Bible as more I had the eagerness to receive God as my personal savior. But in that period of my life I had a worldly relationship. I needed take decision to have a relationship according to God's will. I prayed a lot to God if He wanted me to be with my boyfriend then my boyfriend needed choose first God and  after me.  Today that boyfriend is my husband. He did it, he believed Him and now together we are  walking at the same path of God's word and serving Him for His grace!

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