Brendan Roberts

Auckland, New Zealand

God's Amazing Love Story

I was beaten up at school physically and psychologically which gave me a fear of rejection (See my book Set Free! on Amazon). While I felt alone God never abondoned me. While I went to Church weekly I was not in love with Him. It wasn't until I was a teenager that I committed my live to the Lord. As a Catholic the Sacrament of Reconciliation was a very special time to entrust my life to Him. He had a wonderful plan for me, which I could not see amongst the storms of my life.

His plan included me joining ICPE, the International Catholic Programme of Evangelization in Germany for 2 years (see my book Born to Be Free on Amazon); and also CFC Singles For Christ where I led groups and events. Then His plan led me to the Philippines. It was in an adoration chapel that a truely incredible love story would begin. See this video to find out how I met an incredible lady in God's holy presence.

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