Kelly Khor

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nothing big, Just exams (a student's life)

It has been exams period for the past two weeks. My energy is all drained out. I do not know if this is much of a testimonial video (probably not). All I can say that whenever there are exams, I seek God…Out of all the other non-exams days, I really communicate with God on exams days. Tho… I don't think I am the only one who communicate to God only when we want something. I guess that is the selfish part of us human beings. This is a really last minute thing. I did not prepare any materials. I don't have the time to do that. Exams is still on. I am still trapped in my dungeon (my study room). All I can say, I think exams exist for me is because it is a way for me to keep asking and keep seeking and keep talking to God. Yup… I think exams is like my incentives to keep seeking God. Honestly all the previous exams papers I went through, God definitely performed miracles for me. I have not failed my papers before (or not yet). I am not a bright student. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD what I studied but I somehow managed to reach this far in Uni. To be able to qualify to get a degree, means a lot to me already. But yet again……I think maybe God wants me to do more exams so that I will keep needing him…..I think whenever I think of exams, I think of God cos I am always needing God at that critical part of my life. This is just a phase as student that I am going through right now. I will definitely face more challanges. I am sure there so many other students out there like me. Facing through this pain and stress of exams. And I know (..more like hope…)God will continue to perform many more miracles for me as He has for the past 13 years of my life. I am not a confident person, but I try to lay my trust in God. My trust in God may be as small as a mustard seed (actually maybe in reality it may be as small as a red blood cell….). I am a weak human being, I need God all the time. After exams, my trip to WYD Krawkow, Poland awaits me. There must be a reason why  I decided to join this WYD. God is taking me to places. Places that I don't understand why…Maybe I will find comfort in that journey? Who knows? 

-Kelly Natasha Khor


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