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I spent the first part of my life looking for something. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew that there was something I needed, that was missing. So, like most people I looked to lots of different things; first it was school and and getting good grades, then my friends, boyfriends, popularity and others’ opinions. I wanted people to accept me so badly that I moulded myself to their lifestyle and pretty much let them make my decisions for me. Even when I was uncomfortable or not enjoying myself I tried to convince myself that it was “fun” or “cool”. I could be persuaded to try just about anything, even if I thought it was wrong.

This led down a slippery path. Until one day after school I heard a guy speak about how our actions matter to God. I was struck down by this and deeply moved that God would even care about me and what I do. I realised that I was living in conflict with God and that I was actually hurting him by my choices. I couldn’t continue my life as it was.

Having grown up in the Church, I immediately knew what I had to do. I was reminded that God’s son died, taking my punishment and that I could be made right with God, if I wanted to. From that day I decided to live with God and for him. And since then I’ve come to see that I was was I was made for, there was so obviously something missing and God was the only one who could fill it. I now know what true life is; it’s not an easy life, but it’s satisfaction and love that you can find nowhere else.

I have been completely changed by God; everything about me is different now. But, this isn’t like how I used to mould myself to others and change as they left or disappointed me. God is my rock and he never lets me down. Everything in life shifts or fades, but he has always stayed the same and has loved me the same. He always wants the best for me and I know I can trust him.

You can trust him too.

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