Damon Whaley

Houston, USA

The perfect plan

            My story is not about a radical “180” moment that changed my life, but rather it is about God’s sovereignty and faithfulness throughout my life and how He truly became my God.  When I was around five years old my father accepted Christ into his life and in turn shared the Gospel with me and the rest of my family to which we all responded with accepting God as our Lord and Savior.  For the next eleven years of my life I lived the typical “goody-two-shoes” and “Christian” life.  No drugs, no alcohol, no mischief, and no girls.  However, up to this point in my life, this whole Christianity thing felt like something I had just grown up with.  Something I did just because I had always done it.  It was my parents’ religion and I just listened and followed along like I had always done.  But when my junior year of high school came around I was beginning to tire of watching everyone around me have what seemed like a lot of fun doing all the things that I had been told were wrong.  This is where God’s sovereignty and perfect timing kick in.  You see right as I began questioning my faith, God placed Jared into my life, a new youth pastor at my church who would truly change my life.  He showed me who I was, who God was, and what Christ did for me.  I always had the right answers in Sunday school growing up and I knew all the Bible stories but it wasn’t until Jared challenged me to make my faith my own did everything make sense.  I realized what a sinner I was and how much I failed to reach God’s standards.  For the first time in my life I realized how much I needed Jesus and what He did for me.  As I began to grow in my personal relationship with Christ I began to worry about what life in college would look like for me without this great Christian community I was in, but once again God’s sovereign plan fell into place.  I immediately got plugged into a college ministry on campus called Cru where I have been able to continue to grow in my relationship with Christ and make great friends.  When I look back on my life I can see how perfectly God’s plan for my life has taken place and I can’t wait to live the rest of it out for him.

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