Dritan Vreshta

Tirana, Albania

With God is not important where you start but where you want to go

I have been borned in a village of Korca. Pulahe. At that time in my village have not been more than 100 families and we have been a small community where everyone knew everyone. My parents have worked hard to make a living and support their vision to educate in the best level possible their children (two oldest brother and me)

My father have worked for 23 years in row in the coal mine (Mborje-Drenove) and my mother have worked for all her life in the cooperative in all kind of jobs.

Soon in my early schools my parents understood that I had a good desire for schools and books and they started to support and encourage me while they was firm in their desire to support all of us for the best education.

While passing the elementary classes was obvious that I had some skills on mathematic and natural sciences i.e. physic, chemistry and so on. I believed that I was pretty good at recitation and interpretation but this was never applied except some roles I have played in group of drama in university.

When I finished Primary School at 1991 it Albania everything was changing. Everything was shaken but the desire and vision of my parents for the best education for their children was there, strongest than ever.

I applied for a school that was preparing army officer and it was an education that was starting from 15 years old and in this school was included the high school and university. I came in Tirana when I was only 15 years old but 1 year latter I have to return back since the school was not any more supported from Government of that time. I have to continue the school while my Brothers already have left home as emigrant in Greece and actually some of my friends in the same age of me have left as well. In that time being an emigrant seems like the highest social status. Just because my parents was alone and we still was living in the village my parents decided that I complete the gymnasium in Dvoran a village that was center of our comune, about 6 km far from our village. Schools in that time was not too much in attention but thanks to some very good profesor we managed to complete the gymnasium with good result and with good level of knowledge.

In that time I have to study and support my family in the new economy that was starting at that  time; taking care of fields and livestock. Many of my villagers remember me as the guy taking care for cows and in the same time reading books for the school.

Right after gymnasium I have starting to prepare myself for university competition and I competed for Mathematics and Informatics and finally I got registered for Mathematics.

During High school I heard the Gospel from some students that was visiting us in dormitory rooms.

Being from a muslim tradition initially I thought that this could be the other religion but while hearing more I understood that this was something that have to do with the personal relation between God and his creature. I started to read books with the purpose to know more and see if there is any logical bug in all this story but the Word of God spoke to me and I understood that all that good value and honest way of living that I have seen lived by my parents was based on what God wanted from every one. The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross actually gave answer to all the bugs in my thoughts about God and religion.

As a young believer I was attending the Instituti Jeta e Re meeting and soon was involved in the Church “Nxenesit e Jesusit” which still attend regularly.

Faith in God shaped my understanding on what is good and worth investing my life and my talents. Although life have not been always in my favor having eyes in God and His teaching for a decent life I have managed to keep control and stay focused.

Soon after I finished my studies in Applied Mathematics, I got engaged with Suela that now is my Wife. After 14 years of marriage we have two sons Amaris (his name mean “promised by God”) and Nataniel (his name mean “Gift of God”).

Together with my wife we have started the business I run today as Internet Service Provider and through the grace of God we have sustain in the market apart of tough challenges.

Faith in God and his gift of salvation through Jesus Christ have gave meaning to my life beyond circumstances of day to day situation. The new life we start with God when we trust Him is exceeding the limitation we usually count as obstacles.

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