Dakota Shelby

Pensacola, USA

How God changed my life.

Before I started living by the word of God, And became a Christian, I was a very unfaithful person And I always brushed God off my shoulders, And I would always ignore the signs and the blessings that God would do for me, I even took everything for granted and took advantage of everything I could before I met a friend named Christopher, At first this friend told me things about God and how amazing he was but I ignored everything he told me and brushed it off my shoulders, But eventually everything in my life came down on me so bad I was almost homeless, And even bills wasn't being paid in time, And everything was going but nothing but bad in my life, That was when God had basically told me look you need me, I was spiritually blinded for so long, Then I realized all the things that my friend had told me I should've listened to him, And changed the ways that i lived But it wasn't to late for me to change, And so I did I started reading the Bible a lot more and also even listening to Christian music which came to find out my favorite type of music I enjoyed listening to Christian music so much more it was so much more positive than the other genre of music I was listening to it even uplifted me when I listened to it, After awhile of living like this and becoming a Christian my life had changed from bad to amazing, I learned to always put God first before anything and That if you do that everything else will follow And come through, When I did this and put God first before everything else I went from almost being homeless to having a steady job and even living in a warm home and having food, All these things that God has provided for me is amazing And the works of God is amazing all the things he can help you with.

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