Cornelia Albu

Chisinau, Moldova

The beginning of my story with Jesus

My name is Cornelia. I was born and grew up in a family of simple workers. My two younger brothers and I heard about God since our childhood from my mom and my grandmother who were taking us sometimes to the Orthodox Church.  I knew about Jesus, but no one told me that I can have a relationship with Him. I thought I was a good girl that sins from time to time.

       I was very angry with God when I didn’t get to be student at the Medical University. And next year I went to study Chemistry at a different university, faculty which I didn’t like, but didn’t have choice because of money. When I was freshman, in my dormitory came two young people from New Life Moldova (Campus Crusade for Christ) who told me how much God loves me and how to have a personal relationship with Him. But I was too busy and too focused to my own desires, studies, and plans at that moment. I was still angry with Him that He didn’t help me to be a doctor.

       Almost two years later, I was thinking of quitting my studies because of too many problems, but I was afraid to tell about it to my parents. In the midst of thinking what to do, one of my friends was inviting people to the Christian conference and she invited me. That conference, I think, was special for me. I was amazed by the love and acceptance I saw in those Christian students! I wanted to be like them and to enjoy the life God prepare for me. I came home another person because Jesus became my Savior and He changed my upset heart. I came in my class and begin to share the Gospel with my mates and singing the songs, which I heard to the conference. They couldn’t understand what happened to me and why I am so happy.

       Because of our country is Orthodox, parents are very afraid when their children begin to study the Bible or to share about God with everyone. When they heard that I got baptize for them was like the worst thing which it could happened with me. They tried to get me to the monastery to see what happened with me. Then when they saw that I stay strong in my desires to fellow Jesus they told me that they don’t want to know me anymore like their daughter and to not come anymore in their house. But after 2 years they accepted me and now I have the best relationship, which I could ever imagine.

       Nevertheless, I got involved in the ministry, in Bible study, prayer meetings and reaching other students for Christ. And after graduation I came on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. It was hard to obey my parents and in the same time to follow Christ, because they were against that I was doing. But I knew that if I will drop my disciple life then my parents never would accept Jesus as their Savior.

       This is my 11th year on staff with New Life Moldova (CCC) reaching students for Christ, and building spiritual movements in the Campuses in Chisinau, Capital of Moldova.  Jesus gave me the most important thing “Eternal Life” and I can’t keep it only for me. I was student and my life changed then and I want other students’ lives to be changed, because they constitute our future.  Nothing brings me more joy then to share my faith and to give the opportunity to other students’ lives to be changed for eternity. 


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