God is in the smallest of things

I will be honest and say that I have yet to experience God in my life. This story may be different from others. I have never really had a profound experience with God that changed my life. Digging deeper into my life, I have realized that I have a way to reassure people with the words I use, especially when my friends come to me to listen or for advice. For someone like me, who has a very large tendency to speak at the wrong time it was a miracle when it was needed. Thinking about these occurences, it may actually be the work of God or the Holy Spirit working through me and helping me to comfort my friend. 

This made me realize that may be God could be here after all. He could just be there but we don't see Him yet. He might even be using us to help others. I might not have experienced any bond with Him yet but I have faith then when He does show me I'll be ready. 

To those that have doubts about God, try to search for Him in your daily lives. He might be working through your friends or sometimes even through you. He might even appear in the smallest of things. If you have difficulties as well in seeing God in your life through your friends or people.

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