Olivier Cheuwa

Montreal, Canada, France

Dream come true

I am from Cameroon. There, I lived in a small neighborhood that was called Madagascar. It was a ghetto. I grew up and lived a beautiful childhood with parents who loved me and were there for me.

Then it was decided to leave Cameroon for Canada. I was a little boy who was missing a lot of confidence. Although the present parents, I had a very difficult adolescence because the contact with the people has never been easy for me. I was bent on myself, shy. But I had in me a little passion for music that was present. It was a little dream that I was hiding in me.

Later, I made medical studies at the request of my parents. I did it to please them. And it was great for the family. But deep down, I felt that I was missing something.

One day, while I attended a Christian youth meeting, there was a talent for which to perform a song they asked. I got registered. Despite shyness, I dared to participate in this time of services. This is where the click occurred and I told myself: "I want to make music." However, as the music industry is not that obvious, I kept that seed this dream inside of me.

This is a church that for the first time, I could sing before an audience. My father was there; He listened to me sing. At the end, I remember, he was in tears. And for me, it was the confirmation of many things. This dream of making music, I wanted to live it!

So, from 2004 to today, in 2014, ten years of writings and songs compositions in which I tell my story. That's what I said through songs that allowed me to travel, to go to the Caribbean, Africa, New Caledonia; to concerts, to share my experience and to deliver a message of encouragement. And that's what God gave me this passion to encourage. I think if I had not done the training of medical laboratory, I could be a psychologist!

Music, for me, was the trigger element that allowed me to go places, to live a dream: the dream of God for me. And I know that many of you have dreams that are kept hidden in them. But I tell you: "Go ahead! Live your dreams! "This is the time to live as time passes. Otherwise, it would regret later. So I say to you once again: "Live your dream!"

God allowed me to live mine. And I continue to live with him.

See you soon,


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