“I truly hate her” I said while hugging christie, “I truly hate your sister”. Christie said i have nothing to do with that, but i couldn’t just leave it the way it is. Christie is my best friend and i just can’t watch her suffering her sister’s abuse. Christie’s big sister’s name is Cara, actually they are not really sisters,Christie’s father married Cara’s mother after her mother died.Ever since Cara and her mother moved is with Christie and her father,Christie is gloomy, doesn’t talk as much and even once in awhile got bruises on her hands and legs. I found out about Christie’s situation three weeks before that. I couldn’t watch it anymore without saying anything so 2 days afterwards i ditched school and went Christie’s house to confront Cara.I was at the front of Christie’s house at 9 am, my heart was beating like crazy,I realized i never thought about what i should say when I do confront Cara, but the one thing i did realize is that I have to say something NOW. I walked towards the door and rang the doorbell, and then i heard the door open. The door opened, but it wasn’t Cara who opened the door, it was Travis, Christie’s father.He smiled at me and asked “hi Josh what are you doing here?”I knew i can’t tell him that i ditched school and that i'm worried about Christie, so I told him that i had a free day from school and I came to pick up something for Christie.I like Travis, he is the kind,funny father type, he always try his best to make me feel at home. After we talked for 2 or 3 minutes he asked me “ do you want to have a drink inside?” I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea but since it was summer and it was so hot outside that i practically got cooked I agreed and though that I might even be abke to get some proof of the abuse Christie is going through.Travis made us ice coffee with chocolate milk blended inside,we both drank it and talked about how school is going on and what i plan for the future, out of nowhere Travis told me “I  count on you to protect Christie and keep being her friend, keep her safe”. I instantly answered “ of coure i will!! Christie is the most important person to me!!!”, suddenly I understood what i just said. I blushed and Travis laughed and said “I know,I  count on it”. After 10-15 minutes I left since Cara wasn’t home.I  couldn't achieve my goal.I saw its only 11am and i still could make it to math class so i went back to school.I came back to school 5 minutes before class.After i entered the class i saw Christie and she saw me,she walked towards me and asked where was I  until now, do you know that momment when someone asks you a question and you panic and cant say anything? do you that feeling when someone asks you a question and you panic and can’t say anything? so thats what happened to me when Christie asked me where I was. So anyway, I panicked and said I have to go to the bathroom. After going to the bathroom, I stayed there until class started and went in without talking to anyone and tried to focus during class. The second the class ended I rushed home from school.Me and Christie walk home from the same from the same way so I  had to take a deour. After going back home i saw I got a text form Christie asking where was I all day, I knew I can’t lie since Travis will tell her that i came to her place this morning. I had to tell the truth, or at least most of it , so i told her I was at her place because I wanted to ask Travis something personal, I guess i never introduced myself, my name is Joshua even though everyone is calling me Josh, i'm 17 but the story i'm telling happend 1 year ago, I live with my mother since my parents had ugly divorce when I was young. That's why when i need to talk with someone about something personal then i talk with Travis, he is the only “father” figure I got in my life.Anyway, so I told her that we talked about something personal and that I prefer that she won’t ask about it. She answered that she understand and that she won’t ask about it, but I can talk to her about it if I feel like it.”OK I got out of it “ I thought to myself. I couldn’t sleep that night, I couldn't stop thinking what can i do, I lost myself in my thought and fell asleep. After that day I  tried to avoid Christie as much as i could . A day, 2 days, 3 days, I  didn't know how long i could keep going ...After a week I understood, I can't avoid her any longer.  I missed her so much that I couldn't thin of anything else but her.It made me understand how big of a part she had in my life. I  asked her to meet after school,it was friday, usually she had dancing class but I asked her to skip it that day so i can explain myself.She agreed. We sat under the big tree in the garden on the way to Christie's place from school. We used to go there a lot when we had something important on the line. We sat there quietlly for 30 seconds,then Christie said " so what di..." and I said at the same time " you know....?"We both bursted out in laugh, I asked her why are we being so wierd while laughing.She answered that she dont know but its ok now and we can be ourselves again.  I cutted right to the chase," I'm sorry Christie but i can't give up confronting Cara.That day when I was at your place I didn't come to talk with Travis,I cam to talk with Cara and make her stop act the way she does! "Its none of your buis...."she said but I stopped her right away and said "It is my buisness!!I care about you and I won't let anyone hurt you!It doesn't matter if you think its none of my buisnes,it is my buisness since I'm worried about you!" Christie just sat there bushfull and had an emberessed smile on her face. I already emberessed myself infront of her father, so what is a little more.   
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