Ana Uncu

Chisinau, Moldova

A new creature in Christ

My name is Ana. I was born in a lower middle class family, in a small village located in the center of Moldova. I have two sisters and a brother. My parents divorced when I was six and I grew up with my mother. My mother had no possibility to support us financially because of that my middle sister and I grew up in an orphanage. My first teacher taught me many things about Orthodox religion and rituals. Once she invited a nun to our classes. I remember only one raised question: If God is Almighty, then why can't he just kill Satan? Some years later I met some volunteers from „Mission without borders” that organized Christmas programs. There I heard about God’s love. I found out that Jesus died for my sins and rose from the dead but I didn’t take the message personally.

In college I met some people from a Christian Student Movement from Campus Crusade for Christ. I was invited to a meeting regarding questions about Apocalypse. One missionary caught my attention with a question: How You can be sure that your name is written in the Book of Life? I asked for the answer though being skeptical and at the same time curious. She shared the Gospel with me. It took me some time to make a decision in receiving Jesus in my life. Eventually I said to myself „I want my life to be about God, following Jesus and making an impact where I am.” I was involved in a group of Bible Study. I attended prayer groups, conferences and also I shared the gospel with other students. I was an active student. I shared with my teachers and fellows my experience with God. I challenged them to begin a personal relationship with Jesus. 

At that time my family confused my faith with a sect. My step-father told me to leave the house. I started to work part time for paying my rent and food. I gained real friends and felt how God answered my prayers during that period. Today, I’m in very good relationships with my family.

I began to appreciate people around me and especially to understand the importance of self-sacrifice. I started to filter involuntary movies, books, relations. The old beliefs were gradually replaced with God's truth. Being a new creature in Christ I realized that our new nature is what truly lasts for eternity in the Kingdom of God.

Thinking about my life and questions that stirred me I came to conclusion that the quality of my questions determines the quality of my life. Now I can say the main source of my hope and joy is knowing that God watches over me.

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