Emilie Butler

"Blessing,Joy,Glory and Grace"

Ok let me tell you the most Amazing thing happened to me today. I got saved about 3 weeks ago since then I have been on a journey to wanting to know things because of this and I felt this and why? And why do I like this why is there this all the time. Why do I feel this way. Why why why? I have also felt a heavy feeling around also. I have Always been Nieve but a little more. So i messaged a friend a 2 weeks ago about this because her husband is a preacher. Today I had a feeling I needed to stop by the church after getting the kids. Reedy fork baptist church. Awesome! I asked questions he answered them. After he prayed with me, I felt so much better. Now here is where it gets how God works in mysterious ways. I look at Instagram after dinner and the first thing I see is my friend Paula Hulon Collins with a tag and message I knew was meant for me. 'All you need is a plastic tub' I fell to the ground on my knees crying happy tears. That's the first time I have heard from her in 2 weeks. WOW!!! I love y'all. Miss y'all. That meant so much to me. Now That weight is gone.

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