Tim Yearsley

Nottingham, UK

Isn't it sad to go to your grave without wondering why you were born?

I once read a line from Richard Dawkins in which he asked, "Isn't it sad to go to your grave without ever wondering why you were born?"

That question resonated with me.  It made me think of a time when I'd come home from Starbucks having had a good time with a friend and feeling good...but my caffeine high quickly turned into a caffeine very low.  I crashed on the sofa and became really frustrated and downbeat with life.  I was wondering "What's the purpose to this?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  Who am I becoming?"  The answers I'd heard before - Sunday morning Christianity, or pseudo-intellectual questioning - didn't seem to cut it and didn't make me want to get up and get on with life.  And those questions are pretty big ones and I think we all have to deal with them at some point, even if it's a caffeine low that brings them to the surface.

I also remember at that time being in a group of guys that would get together in my front room, sink into a bean bag with some good food and good beer and chatting about life's big questions.  "Why are we here?  Is there a purpose?  Are we achieving anything?"  Over the course of a term we wrestled with these questions together and engaged with the answers the Bible had to offer.  What surprised us all was that the Bible didn't present a picture of life that was restricted or small or less; but actually a picture that was rich, full of meaning and invited us all into more.  

And that was God's invitation to me:  "Do you want to be a part of a life that is more?  Life in which every part of your day is filled with meaning - Starbucks coffee chats, sitting on the sofa, hanging out with guys over food and beer."  And that was the invitation I responded to.

So when I'm lying in bed at night staring at the ceiling and wondering what it all means because my coffee is keeping me awake, I realise that I don't have to be satisfied with psuedo-intellectual questioning or Sunday morning Christianity; but the Bible is pulling me into this grand story that is purposeful and full of meaning.  My hope is that I can live out that kind of life - a life that is good news for me and the people around me.  

It means that I don't have to be the man that goes to his grave sad because he never wondered why he was born.

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