Thomas Blanc

La ravoire, France

God loves you, you can trust Him

You know, I am living an exciting life. I am married to Rosine I met when we were 18. We have two boys that we love and it’s mutual. I was born in a loving and well balanced family, surrounded by three sisters, one brother and caring parents.

Everything went well without problem or injury ; christian faith and its values conducted our life.

But you can perhaps ask yourself :

“What tragical thing is going to happen to him ?

  • Nothing.

Since I was a teenager, I decided to give my life to God. He made me understand that His Love was for everyone and that I could trust Him. So I decided to lean myself on these truths to go forward.

Then I started a musical career, first with my couple and then in solo. My life became exciting. I’ve been travelling a lot for many years and meeting a lot of people.

At each concert, my only goal is to share what inspires me and motivates me, my purpose of life.

So, you may face a trial or perhaps not but one thing is certain and it will n ot change : God loves you, you can trust Him. You will see, your life is going to be exciting.


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