Meaning of my life?

Unanswered questions

Why am I the way I am? Why am I a thinking man? Well, why do I even exist?

What's the sense of my existence? This question often preoccupied me, but I found no answer to it. And what a miserable perspective… someday I'll die and my life will be over. Was it even worth anything?

I created my own conception of what would come after death, but actually I had no idea. Concerning the origin of my personality I put up with the notion of being a mere coincidence. My life seemed senseless, because I neither knew why I had it nor where it lead.

These thoughts allowed me no peace.


The turning point

In a calm phase of my life – I had just started my studies and was completely satisfied with my present situation – I suddenly was confronted with a life that was totally directed towards God. I came to know a person whose existence had meaning and who even knew where she'd be after death. She said she'd be with God who created her and with whom she had a relationship filled with thankfulness. This security concerning her future had its foundation in Jesus who gave his life for her. I was fascinated by this content in a life. „If these things about God are true“, I said to myself, „then I also want to direct my life according them!“


New perspective

And so there began a new search for truth in my life. I read a lot about christianity in the internet. I started to read the bible and to pray with the well-known words: „God, if you are really there, please show yourself to me.“ As an answer He gave me surety that He is the God who made the earth and the whole universe. He also gave life to every human being in order to live in a relationship with them. For such a long time I hadn't been interested in this relationship and had lived my life in sin, meaning that I did a lot of things of which I actually knew that they were neither good for me nor for God. How could God forgive me for this..? Fortunately God has revealed Himself not only through creation but also through the bible. There I could read about Jesus Christ and how He readily let Himself be crucified. As a substitution for my sins He died..! So I said to God, that I wanted to accept this substitutional sacrifice. I gave my whole life to God. I had realized that God means well with us humans, He even gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, for us.

After I entrusted my life to God, He freed me from many sins and bondages I was ruled by (things like pornography, selfishness, lying…). He took away anxieties and uncertainties I had been depressed by. And even more beautiful: God gave meaning to my life! I now know that He created me because He wanted me to worship Him. And I know that I may spend eternity with Him because He gave His Son Jesus for me.


And you?

Do you know the meaning of your life? Do you know where you come from and where you are going? I want to encourage you: Pursue these questions, read about Jesus, read the bible. Ask God whether He is there and whether He also wants a relationship to you.

If you are unsure about how this should go or what all this is about with God and Jesus, feel free to write to me.

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