Thomas Fitzpatrick

Lund, Sweden

All to Him

I became a Christian at an early age, as both of my parents were Christians and we went to church regularly on Sunday mornings, evenings, and on Wednesdays. It was the importance they placed on faith that made it real to me and easy to affirm the tradition, but it wasn’t really something I truly believed and owned for myself until late high school- definitely in college. Even at an early age it was apparent to me that I was indeed sinful and that I needed to accept Christ as the only way in which I could be right with God. However, the price of that grace and how my life was to be changed by that took years to be clear to me. Earlier I “did” Christianity to be a good kid and please my parents, but now I realize that it requires me to daily pick up my cross and follow Christ. He has given my life purpose as I see meaning in the work I do as a future doctor, and has given me joy even when the world is crumbling around me. I believe Jesus was who He says He was, and have seen examples of that truth in my own life. He speaks with authority and I have found his precepts to be true, and worth my life. This has brought me to Lund, Sweden, where I am working with a Christian student organization, Agape, full-time.

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