Scott Santee

Indianapolis, USA

Show Me the Way (Styx)


It took 39 years to find my way home.


I wasn’t really lost mind you. More adrift, I guess. Or better, allowing the current to carry me. I was following the well-trod path, yet always wondering what I was supposed to be doing on the path. Is this what life is supposed to be about--the journey, the destination, or both?


I’ve always thought I’d love being a teacher. I pictured myself as an elementary, middle, high school, or university professor. I was trying to decide at what “mile post” I wanted to stop so I could help point others onward. Or maybe I’d be some kind of rescue worker, a fireman or emergency medical technician. I pictured myself as a trail guide helping people back on the path or showing the way forward to new travelers.


I was a good kid from a good family that went to church every Sunday. I made good grades and even earned Eagle Scout. My parents were great examples of God’s love. I first understand God’s Secret Rescue Plan when I was six years old: God loved me. I wasn’t perfect. He sent Jesus to set things right between us. I asked Him to forgive me and believed His promise that He would.


Now, 39 years later, I think I’m at home. Or rather, at home as a “co-journer” on the trail. I was created to be a trail guide, pointing people on their Godward journey. We’re all on spiritual journeys; each has to find their way to God. I’m just far enough along to point them in the right direction. I echo Dietrich Bonhoeffer who said it this way: “He leads the way. Stay close to Him.”


I’m not saying I know all the answers, or can easily navigate the valleys of darkness we may walk through. I’m simply saying I know Him who knows the way home.


I would be honored to walk alongside you in your spiritual journey. I promise no simplistic answers that are supposed to fix everything. I promise to listen well and keep you company as you find your way.

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