Sam Varghese

Mysore, India

No two objects can stay in the same place @ same time

There is a law in Physics, which says, something like this. “No two objects can stay in the same space simultaneously”

Regarding my past life I tried to accommodate two persons in my life. But later I came to know that the law is true in my life also.

I was born and brought up in a Christian family. Because of the strict discipline in my home, I used to attend the Church activities regularly. During my Schooling, I was a very good student, obeying parents, attending Sunday school etc. When I went to college for further studies, the whole atmosphere was changed. Nobody was there to control me. I began to enjoy the freedom I got by living according to my own plans and liking.

I always sought for recognition from other students. To achieve this, I entered into new friendships and started doing all wicked things to please my friends.

As a paradox to this, I was acting like a religious person in front of my parents and Church members. I was very active in my Church. My attitude and thinking at that time was that `I must enjoy my life like this’. I thought I was following Jesus Christ, but actually I was a slave to Satan. I didn’t have a perfect aim in my life. There is a Bible verse in Proverbs says, ” There is a way that seems right to man but in the end it leads to death”. I was living in spiritual darkness, in the shadow of death.

At this time I happened to attend a youth’s camp conducted by my Church. During that camp I came to know that I could not serve two masters at the same time. I realized the need of surrendering my life to Jesus. In that camp in Oct. 1984 I received Christ as my personal Savior and Lord by faith.

After I received Christ into my life, there was lot of changes in my life. I could stop my bad habits. Whenever I do a sin, I could hear a voice telling me “Son you are doing wrong”. Thus it helped me control myself and to grow in the Lord.

My parents dedicated me for full time Christian work even before my birth. But before receiving Christ I never thought about it. But after I received Christ into my life, It became a desire in my heart to serve Him.  After my studies, I got a chance to join with Campus Crusade for Christ. Now I am working with CCC in Mysore 

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