Robert Myles


I Can't Get No .....

Satisfaction at work. The repetitive cycle of accountancy was taking its toll on my life. Month after month of the same old stuff. My work was good, but I wasn't fulfilled. I wanted more from my job; this lead to resentment of others and criticism. And, although it was a Christian organisation, some people made me want to scream. I had prayed about the situation for months (going on for years), but nothing seemed to change. Many (soon-to-fail) applications were submitted for various jobs - most of which seemed perfect. It wasn't until I was reading The Purpose Driven Life (by Rick Warren), that I started to discover why I was made and who God wanted me to be. I realised afresh that I was made to worship Him, and not to get so hung up on what job I should be doing. I knew that God wanted the best for me and I was to seek Him above any status or position at work. My attitude was changed, and my outlook brightened. I still wanted a new job, so made a list of 'ideals' to place before God. When there were no jobs left 'in the pipeline', I received a call from another member of our church who had been praying, and asked me if I'd like to run his company for him. Well, after 5 minutes on the phone, I had ticked off 4 of my 6 ideals. The rest followed shortly afterwards in a lengthy chat as the role was explained to me. Learning about myself (and the getting to know the person God made me to be) gave me a new perspective on my work life. Although I knew God, my relationship was deepened as I listened more carefully to Him. Decisions have since been made in light of this, which takes a lot of stress and strain out of similar situations where heavy decisions are needed to be made.
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