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The art of celebration

I remember a few years ago, sitting watching the sunrise. It was a typical misty Irish morning. And there was a magical stillness in the air. Something happened that day that I didn’t see coming.

Something new

You see, I grew up in church. I have been surrounded by the fact that Jesus loves me since I was born. But that day, something new flooded my soul. My eyes were opened. And I was totally overwhelmed by the reality of God. That I was not alone, lost in life. That I was not condemned but that I was free. And you know what happened? This uncontrollable urge took over me. I jumped to my feet and started sprinting through the fields like a wild man. Laughing and crying with pure joy. That was my first taste of the art of celebration. 

Since that day, I have learned that life has a way of draining that child-like wonder from us. Whether it’s through our own failures or disappointments. Whether it’s suffering or betrayal. Or even just familiarity. That is why we put up our defenses, isn’t it? That is why we become numb. We pull back from life and become spectators because we are afraid of being hurt again. 

Good news

But the good news is, Jesus is always doing a new thing. He is not finished with us yet. We may doubt, we may feel like we are broken beyond repair. But He is the peace in our troubled sea. He is the healer of the broken hearted. 

So you want to know Jesus and his healing power? You can reply to the connection button and someone will reply. Or click below on the about Jesus button, to learn more about faith. Join the art of celebration!

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