Svetlana Posmag

Chisinau, Moldova

My journey with God

My name is Svetlana and i was born in a family with three sisters , I am the youngest.

My oldest sister became a Chrdistian when she was a student with the help of a person on staff from Cru. When she came home she was sharing with me about all the conferences, activities and bible studies she attended. She told me that they were Christians but I thought that if I know that God exists there is nothing more to find out about Him. But I knew that after finishing high school I would love to attend the activities my sister had talked about. When I moved to Chisinau to study, I started to attend the church with my sister. There I meet missionaries for Cru and one of them shared the Gospel with me. I was challenged to think about where I would spend eternity. I understood that Jesus died for my sins and that God loves me, but it was difficult to accept. 

         In 2012 I answered the call to join the team of student leaders, our mission being to cultivate a movement in the university in which we study, sharing the gospel with students and helping them in their spiritual growth. It was a challenge for me, but I saw God’s work in my life and others.

In my second year I prayed that God will show me what was His will for my life. I prayed that God will give me a significant life, and opportunity to invest my life, time and skills in other people’s life. God led me to understand that He is calling me to be a missionary and I was accepted to work with Cru and help reach out students. It a great calling, but I pray that Goppod will help me look for Him with all my heart and to be faithful in the things that He trusted me with.

 A year has passed since I’ve been involved as a staff member in the ministry with students. I am very grateful to God for this.

  I was encouraged by a group of students from Galati, Romania. As a team we decided to go to some cities in neighboring countries where there is no ministry among students and start a spiritual movement there. In 5 days we found students who have a desire to fulfill the Great Commission, 9 students have formed a team and are excited about the impact they may have in the lives of their peers.

             God is working in the hearts of people and I am blessed to be serve Him with all my heart. 

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