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Precautionary Measures To Protect Yourself from Cyber Crimes

The Internet is an incredible computer network providing news, data, and shopping services all around the world. With just a click, we get access to large number of data from anywhere in the world. With the increased use of the internet for both personal and professional use, cyber crimes have also increased. Be alert, safeguard your information and your system from which you are accessing the net to avoid falling prey to such scams. Luckily there are some preventive approaches which you can consider for protecting yourself from cyber crimes. Use anti-virus Installing an anti-virus software is the first action you must take to fight cyber crimes. The quality of every anti-virus varies according to their price. Choose a good one to get the best benefits from it rather than going behind cheap and free ones. Make sure the anti-virus you installed can automatically update itself. If it looks suspicious, do not click Hackers lure users by asking them to click on links or opening attachments. This, in turn, helps them to infect your system with malware. So do not click on links that seem too desirable. Use different passwords for different accounts Most of us keep a common password for all online accounts so that it is easy to remember. Don’t! Use different accounts and passwords for every account you have online so that even if the hacker gets access to one account, he may not get access to the other account using the same credentials. Keep complex passwords using different combinations of alphabets, numbers, and special symbols.


Shop from only trustworthy sites Before shopping from any site, make sure that the locked padlock symbol is showing in your browser and the URL of the site has changed from "http" to "https" to show a secure connection. Ignore pop-ups Pop-ups can contain malicious software which can steal sensitive information from your system. The best method to stay away from any sort of nuisance is ignoring these pop-ups. Two-step verification This is one of the best features which will save you from cyber crimes. In addition to entering your password, you are also asked to enter a verification code sent via SMS to your mobile number which you have registered. So even if a hacker has managed to crack your password, he cannot access your account without the unique code.

Do not reveal personal information in your Facebook account Remove your personal information like address, date of birth, or phone number as they can be used by hackers to spam you with fake emails. You can avail of the privacy settings provided by Facebook for security purpose. Secure your wireless network Hackers can get to access to your data if it is transmitted on an unsecured wireless network. For this, enable a firewall on your router and change the default router’s administrator password. Cyber criminals often know the default passwords and they can use them to hack into your network. Check your owner’s manual for instructions on changing the name and password of your router.

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