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LIFE is all about TIME

I am an Atheist .I never belive in god to blame him for all the rights wrongs and dooms. I belive is evrything what happens to me is because of me and future is decided by me. I am of a different kind ,wanting to learn a lot ,use time differently,be adventurous . I love animals nature science space cosmas universe, thinking in that way i can never start to be a normal person, because when i think of that big world which u no that exists beyond you,all these small fights,shouts ,hits etc are very small.but as a human, having extra emotions ,there is another real world u got to live in to have life.

Belief,faith,hope,love,jelousy,fear,anger,fun,smiles,laughs,crys,revenge,kindness, madness and more are all atributes in human.Humans on earth r lie animals , as we have the capabality of using our brains to 10%. we develop ourselfs,save eachother by giving them more time,grow food to live,build shelter to be save, develop technology to save coserve time,stich cloths to cover up ,and artifisial things to make work easy, All these are the basic needsfor humans,this can be done by letting ur mother nature surrvive .but its not all that way.keeping this a apart

Humans have created religion,cast,colour,language,money comparabilities. Although it was created by someone else it is still continued, people kill to protect god who actually have to protect them (God lost control,help god ).At end it comes to  status ,where people die for it,in some places like India , your society kills that person for his status and respect, and that is where i lost my life. i stay India, in a society were people r mad about other families matters than that of theirs,having nothing they critisise others , and by this torture , the families are terrible affected and children are going downand they dont understand what to do. There I am a child too who got the same.

This is how my life is cursed ,wasted, losing everything

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