Muriel Célérier

Ozoir la Ferrière, France

You have value!! Look at you yourself in the right mirror….

You have value!! Look at you yourself in the right mirror….



For a very long time, i thought i had no story to tell about my life with God, that i had accomplished nothing that could be interesting to tell...




I grew up in a christian family where i was loved. At 4 years old, i saw God heal my father with cancer ( he was given 3 months to live) and my father left us us when i was over 40. So it was naturally that i believed in God at an early age and finally at 14 years old, i realized for myself the love of Jesus dying at the cross for my sins to be forgiven.

I married Eric and then we began to serve God together as a pastor. I felt in my place and was happy to serve God.


Believing the lie


However, without realizing it, i had accepted a lie in my thoughts : i had let myself being persuaded that i was an incompetent, a negligible quantity, which was not to be noticed. I didn’t wake up one morning with this thought, it was like a structure that i had let grow in me since my childhood ( born by “accident”, poor family, insignificant). So, if someone asked me something, i would pass. If i were complimented, i blushed, i didn’t deserve it. If they wanted to put me in the honor, i felt unworthy of it, there must have been a mistake. All this had developed in me a system of thought that was harming my personality, i was a shadow. I didn’t realize it, but i fell back on myself and i was not flourishing.  Yet i knew that God loved me, i had no doubt about it. I didn’t realize that i had built my own prison.




For our 20 years of marriage, we decided to take a week to work on ourselves and on our couple with a ministry called Heart of Shepherd  : http:/ . It was at this moment that i realized and took conscience of the path of thought that i had allowed grow in me. That week i was able to renounce all these lies that the devil had wanted me to believe and become aware of who i was with the mirror of God. He saw in me a woman with talents, capacities and aptitudes that he had himself deposited in me. It was like we took off an heavy coat as though was being taken from my shoulders, like a new birth in which i felt from all prejudice.


I am not the same anymore



Today, i am not the same anymore. I see myself through the eyes of the one who really knows me : JESUS.


If you are also prisoner, of your thoughts, i would like encourage you to let God reveal His way to you to see you, free yourself from the lie and be freed from this prison. It’s never too late...




God has a future, a perfect plan for everyone. He gave His life for us so that we could live free, blossomed, 100% … so if you want to share with me, do not hesitate. I would be happy to lead you to the true mirror that Jesus is to see you as he sees you!!!



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