Moses Lim

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia


 As I lay in bed, something didn’t feel right. I tried to move about but I could not. I was also covered in rashes from head to toe. What happened to me?

I was around 4 years old. Feeling scared for my life, I cried and this alerted my grandparents and my mother. My grandfather and mother helped me up and brought me to Taiping Hospital. I was diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease and was warded. I was filled with fear. Everything seemed fine in the days leading up to my hospitalization. How could this happen to me?

Apparently Kawasaki Disease is a rare childhood disease and I was the unlucky one to be diagnosed with it. Kawasaki Disease affects the blood vessels and can cause heart complications if not treated. Lucky for me, I was diagnosed as soon as the early symptoms started appearing.

It was an agonizing experience staying in the hospital. I was given drips daily. I was also given injections daily. Since I had the fear of needles, injections were not something I looked forward to every day. Adding to the fact that in the Children’s Ward there was constant crying did not make things any better and this made me feel scared and homesick as I was away from the comforts of home. I would pray to God hoping that I could recover quickly so that I can be out of hospital as soon as possible and have someone by my side to comfort me and to combat the loneliness I was feeling while I was in hospital. Lucky for me, my mother was an ever present figure. She was always by my side looking after me and made sure my daily needs were taken care of. My family would also come and visit daily to check up on me. This brought me great comfort and helped me forget my fear and agony.

As time went by, I started feeling better and after a week, I was discharged from hospital. I was glad that I was in the pink of health. Being in hospital changed my perspective on life and this made me appreciate everything that I have namely my health and the love and care of my family. I would like to thank God for answering my prayers and ensured that nothing wrong happened to me while I was in hospital. For that I am always grateful to God. 

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