Mia Eckstine

Kansas City, USA

going deeper

Hello, my name is Mia Eckstine. 


   Although I grew up in a faithful Catholic family, I never had a relationship with God. When I was twelve, my family became missionaries with a foreign missions groups. In that group, it was a requirement to have daily personal prayer. 


   It was living in a foreign country, learning how to actively serve others and learning how to pray that my relationship with God began. 


   And I got to this point where I got content with how holy, with how good I was. And it was a wall that I hid behind and it was comfortable. 


   Last year, only a few months before he was born, we found out that my brother had a lot of problems, Trisomy 18 and heart defects mainly. He only lived 40 hours. It was the most painful time of my life. There was just something about his death that slapped me awake. I realised how flimsy that wall was, how desperately I needed more of God. Because however good I thought I was, it would never be enough. 


  And I had a burning desire for more and I didn't care what it cost me, what is cost my pride or how uncomfortable it was going to be. I just wanted an ever deepening union with God. 


  It has been -and is- a long, slow process of letting go of myself and abandoning myself to God. And I need His help every inch of the way.

Relationships with God can always go deeper and there are always struggles and sins that stand in the way, if you would like to chat with me, I am always open.

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