Matthieu GIBERT

Bordeaux, France

Change your perspective

I was born “normal”. As a child, I spoke very well but I did not always respond when I was called. At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with a profound and progressive deafness.

God had performed the first miracle as he allowed me to speak very well despite my handicap. However, He was not healing me. I was told that God exists and that He heals people but why not me then? Was it my fault  Was I not good enough ? Or did God really exist?

At the age of 14, I had to see many specialists because my hearing was declining rapidly. I was informed that at the age of 18 I would be completely deaf. I had been given medicines to stop the decline of my hearing ability. One day, when I could not take it anymore, I cried out to God: “if you really exist then stop the decline” and I stopped my treatment. At the next medical exam with the ENT specialist, the downturn of the curve on my audiogram had stopped and even went up! On that day I acknowledged God’s existence and accepted him in my life.

Some might wonder: why not a full recovery? You must be aware that when God stopped the deterioration in my hearing He improved it slightly as if he were telling me: “I leave you just what you need, trust me I’ll do the rest.”

Change your attitude

My deafness was a handicap, a hindrance to everyone. But to God…?

I was this deaf young man afflicted with a handicap until I chose to stop letting people decide for me. Only then I understood my parents who were fighting against those who wanted to label me as handicapped. The Bible says in James chapter 1 verse 2: “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds (NIV)”.

Why not see an opportunity where everybody sees a problem? Who said we need two ears to live a happy life?

Perhaps being deaf is not a disability. Is it always a bad thing not to be able to hear everything ? If a “hearing person” can only hear, I can choose not to hear! I can turn the sound up or down. Therefore, I was not born with a disability but with an option!

You need your ears to play music, is that the only way? I am a musician, I play in my church and for various Christian artists, despite my hearing loss of 97%. The Lord endowed me with an exceptional eyesight and outstanding memory and response capacities to play music with my eyes and my sensations.

When God has a different plan

Of course, God could have healed me, and he can still do it. I would then testify that yesterday I was deaf and today I am a hearing person. Many would be sceptical because they wouldn’t have witnessed the miracle. Today, I can show you that I am deaf and capable of things impossible to a deaf person. Now, you are witnessing a live miracle and its impact is different. It took me a long time to understand that. It’s not easy, I often have headaches, and I must always be on the lookout not to miss anything. It’s incredible to be an instrument of God daily and do impossible things.

Trusting Him

The Bible says that Moses stuttered but the Lord didn’t heal him, instead He used him to lead His people out of Egypt. Was Moses’ stuttering a hindrance to the service of God ? He thought so but God didn’t.

What if the same situation applies to you?

What if your ordeal was just a stepping stone to an amazing destiny? What if your courage in illness and difficulties was a testimony to God’s greatness to your relatives ? Do you think you are too this or not that enough ? Instead of looking at others and envying them, look at yourself with God’s eye and you will realize the potential he has put in your life.

Trust him and he will equip you and put the right people to shine on your journey.



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