Mārīte Firstova

Rīga, Latvia

God of dogs

“North, south, west, east – Good afternoon, god of dogs”, that's how a little Marite's prayer visualized by a sign of a cross, started. No, my family wasn't religious at all, nor my school was. I haven't had friends, so I played with toys during school years, and my room was transformed into a town of toy animals, especially dogs. They had their own world - shops and schools, banks and printing houses... Once I thought they need a religion, therefore “the god of dogs” was created. A bit inspired from a christian “Lord's prayer” I made a prayer model for the god of dogs – including expression of honor, thanksgiving, requests... and a sign of a cross, connecting the four cardinal points. It was strange that I almost never said that prayer playing rather I used it for my personal needs like asking that my mom won't get angry about my mischief. Surprisingly I had to admit it ALWAYS worked out.

Few years later I told to mom about the god of dogs, and she was laughing a lot. Feeling truly offended I realized that it became something more than just a game for me. In time I was thinking if “the real god” exists, he might not like my invention. Since that moment I chose not to believe and not pray to the god of dogs anymore.

I became a Christian when I started to study at university. I got to know that “real God” - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. I found out Jesus died at the cross and rose from the dead so that I can live. However I was hiding my experience with the god of dogs for a long time feeling guilty about it. It's written in the Bible “you shall have no other gods before Me... do not make yourself idols...” but I have disobey this command as literally as possible. Is God angry at me?

I was talking to people and to God until I was finally able to believe that everything is fine. Not only my past actions are forgiven but also God was with me then, in the childhood. He was the one who answered the prayers addressed to the god of dogs. He put the desire to adore and thank Him in our hearts. He, Almighty God, the Creator of the world, wants to be also our Friend who is caring about small things. He is ALWAYS trustworthy. I was unconsciously longing for such a god because that's who He really is! At that time He was using my childish understanding in order to reveal himself slowly. The "true God" turned out to be more awesome than I had imagined!

I don't think that all religions are the same and “all roads lead to God”. However I know God is so great and loving that He is able to turn any path to His direction.


Do you also suspect God is working in your life? But do you know this God? I'd like to hear your story.

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