Marián Radvanský

Prešov, Slovakia

God knows our hearts

I find God when I was looking for one girl.

I´m known as a boy, he is always happy, but it hadn´t used to be in my early youth.

I come from a good family. I´ve gone to a church since my childhood, I became an oltar boy and I was always trying to be well-behaved.  Everyone knew me as a good boy, but nobody knew me at all. Also I didn´t enjoy going to church so much. I know, it sounds weird, but as a 4years old child I had a problem with filth. As I was growing up I had a lot of filthy thoughts. While I was known as a polite boy I was thinking about impolite things. I was about 14 and I liked one girl. Once when I was in a church I saw her after a mass. I realized, that she is waiting for worship evening. (Big gathering in my city where people worship God by songs) I had been there once, but I hadn´t liked it at all. On that day it was different. I wanted to see her so I remained. I wanted to meet her, but I met someone better. Everything changed when I heared songs and witnesses about what God did for me. I started crying. I knew my sins but in that moment I knew, that God is looking at me differently. I  had heard a lot about God before but everything came to life then. Someone who was innocent dyed for me that I may have life in abudance ? I felt love as strong as I had never experienced. It was God´s love. I knew that he is with me and he wants to help me with my problems.

I decided to change my life and to fight with sin. There is a quote in the Bible But where sin increased, grace increased all the more. (Rm5,20,b )

God has been teaching me a lot since then. I decided to play only worship music because we can taste the real life only there. (I found life in music I wonna to broadcast life through it.. worship music, that is what I want to do.) I´m happy and satisfied. God does great and amazing things in my life. He is the one who wants to fulfil  our dreams and he can.

God is crazy about you. He is jealous because he loves you. He gave you everything, he had. The life of his only one Son is the preise.

I invite you to taste, what he offers, I´ve tasted and I have no regrets. He is my good Daddy. He is knocking on DOORS OF YOUR ♥ . Will you open ? He is happy if you are happy. ( and he can make you happy ) Live the romace and have an adrenaline.  His plan is overwhelming and you can´t miss it, because you have the great part in that plan. Try it ! Taste it !



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