Leonard Buhler

Vancouver, Canada

An entrepreneur who needs Jesus

I’ve spent the majority of my life as an entrepreneur, and there are three reasons why I like to be a Christian as a business leader.

Ultimate Security.  As an entrepreneur, I like the wild and crazy ride of risk and adventure.  Danger and the thrill of victory and agony of defeat are fun for me.  And yet, I’m also sort of chicken:  I don’t like to be insecure.  In my faith in Jesus, I have the big picture taken care of.  Being sure of my eternal destiny and Christ’s love for me gives me security.   Because of that, I can be wild and adventuresome with my business in ways you can’t even imagine.

Integrity.  With the ebbs and flows of business, when things go really wrong, it’s very tricky to keep your integrity.  What I’ve found is that my Christian faith and the Bible give me a moral code that I absolutely don’t break.  When your business fails and you’ve kept your integrity, the world will always give you a second chance.  People respect integrity.  It’s an asset no one can take away.

Freedom.  In business, people often cheat you.  You get hurt and criticized a lot.  Many times I’m tempted to hold a grudge and be angry with people.  But that takes up emotional capacity when really I want to live a wild and free life of entrepreneurialism.  The Christian faith allows me to forgive people who don’t deserve it, just as Christ has forgiven me.  If you forgive people who don’t deserve to be forgiven, who have hurt you, you will be free.  You can move on to the next entrepreneurial adventure.

If you’re a business person and have never tried being a Christian, you might want to try it, it’s a lot easier.  If you have questions or want to talk to me, I’d love to tell you more of my story and help you on that journey.

My Faith Journey.  I became a Christian when I was twelve years old.  Like my dad before me, I had a deep faith, one I lived out in a very significant way.  As a young man, a pastor said something incredibly hurtful to me.  I became disillusioned with Christian leadership and Christianity in general, and I walked away from God.  Maybe you’ve experienced something similar.

After that, I focused on building an empire for myself.  Business was enormously successful, but it wasn’t long before I realized that money and success didn’t actually satisfy.  Around that time, I attended a Christian men’s event.   The speaker said, ““If the cross of Jesus Christ doesn’t change every minute of every day you either don’t believe it or you don’t understand.  You men are living this thin veneer of Christianity, but you’re living like there is no God.  How dare you?”    In that moment, my life flashed in front of me, and I realized, “I’ve left God.  I don’t have Him in the middle of my life.”  Right then and there, I invited Him back into the centre, and I began to experience the hope and the love and the joy I once had.

 If you have never tried a faith in Jesus or you are already a Christian, but you’ve become discouraged about God and faith, get in touch.  I’d love to help you on the journey to having a Christ-centred life.  

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