James Thorne

Birmingham, UK

Building on Firm Foundations




A foundation is rather important… especially for life.  Mine had been built around a need to feel accepted by those around me, on the status and prestige of my job, money and on the things that went with it. Despite being successful materially and in society, I felt empty, on a treadmill, unfulfilled, wasting my life.



The company I had joined seemed interesting but I soon found it had no end of problems. I did well in sorting things out and prospects looked good.  But after a number of years, I found I had no energy for the company. I was tempted into headhunting. Again the career flourished leading to a senior position within the UK's top firm. It was prestigious, with lots of potential to earn good money, but the work was shallow with few values. Within the firm you were only as good as your last month's figures and there was little regard for the candidates whose career you might damage. My firm foundation for life was seriously cracking. 



I hit a real time of emptiness and searching. It was, therefore, more than coincidence that my curiosity was pricked by a course run by the church I was attending. It was designed for those who wanted to know more about the basis of Christianity – something I had actually given little thought to.  I decided to give it go and ended up on an amazing journey of discovery. I didn't undergo some overnight conversion.  But I did come to realize God offered a far better foundation for my life than anything I had been experiencing.



I decided to give Him first place in my life. That was back in 1997.  Since then I've learnt how it's possible to have a deep and meaningful relationship with God - something I would have thought strange up to that point. And it’s a relationship which I don't need to earn by being religious. Having this personal connection puts into context what is really important. I've stopped chasing after position. I’ve discovered how rewarding serving others is. I’ve been able trust God to provide rather than worrying how to do this in my own strength. It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but I do have better balanced priorities and insight about what brings true happiness and fulfilment. And it’s a foundation worth building my life on.  


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