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Letting go for a glorious unfolding

I’ve got to tell you something, as a young teenager growing up in the continent of Africa everything seems to have followed my plans and wishes. The future seems very promising with my 10 years plans well written encompassing all the strategies needed for them to become reality. I even blatantly supported my plans with scriptures from the bible like Habakkuk 2:2 among many others. Not long after high school, I realized that there’s what is called “realities of life” and God’s absolute will for my life. I dealt with those realities and those hard realities dealt with me.

However, I never really understood what I did when I requested that God should be the Lord of my life. I thought I could do it my own way and receive his (God) backings anytime I needed him. I contested his supremacy in my life; did what I thought was best for me at that moment without even thinking that my best may be His worst(least). You may be saying that it’s not bad to have good plans for oneself… I concede 100%. I mean if you don’t wish the best for yourself who will?!

As if that wasn’t enough, I prayed hard for God’s will to be done in my life while still holding back to my plans and desires. As usual the producer of a product knows the purpose of it; I’m glad his sovereignty superseded all my plans and desires. Today I can look back and say it pays to let go of the whole concept of controlling ones plan and future.

….I know just how you feel when you’re letting go of every single dream you once had, tried winning the inner war but to no avail, crises that may not seems to have any end, disappointed in yourself, among many others…

Contrary to what may seems undefeatable today in our life, it’s a great relieve to know Jesus has been through more challenging situation than we are battling with now. Why not take a rest from the fight, stop trying to figure out what God alone has answers to and start trusting Him more. Whenever you feel like the end is closing in you, be reminded that there’s much of your story that’s yet to unfold. Truth is that he knows what tomorrow bring; there’s no day he hasn’t seen which guarantees us that they will be a glorious unfolding because he is a faithful God

… wait and see and I believe you would be amazed at the glorious unfolding! Remember that this God is the beginning of the beginning




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