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Stop and Go


I never really made a diary before.  And I just got done a pretty packed, hectic, and yet enjoyable week.  So I guess I'll start with that.  And I'm updating this on the run when I can and keep getting interrupted with calls and security checks at the airport.  So I guess I'll have to really start the story after my flight because it's time to get on board.  Told you it's been packed!


Now I've got just a little time to complain that I just had enough time to get unpacked and to get to sleep that I'm already going back to work.  Onwards to the first job of the day, manufacturing wood products (mostly doors).  I'll have to mention my trip later.


Okay, now I guess I will start typing about my trip after another hard days work.  It started by flying on the next to last Thursday in August, on a 12 hour trip where I was greated by my father, his good friend, his friend's wife, and his friend's daughter.  We went to Ikea for lunch after a small detour due to traffic and missing a turn.  Then my dad and I got dropped off to get ready for a funeral service the next day. And I could add in a bit more detail, but that's generally how the first day of the trip went for me.


Well after a busy week at work and managing to stay in contact with family and aforementioned woman my age that met me at the airport, I go on with my story. But back to the trip, day 2.  I got up, got breakfast, and began to get prepared for the church service for my deceased grandfather, Goran Isaksson, who I referred to as Farfar. As Dad went through the details we double checked everything and set off to the flower shop in town.  We met Dad's old friend, the CEO of a company that controls the main port in Abo.  He gave us a lift to the church after Dad and him picked up their flower orders and I selected 3 expensive water lilies (32 euro, really?).  Once at the church, I started handing out service programs, doing my best to understand everyone speaking Swedish (and Finnish in some cases).  About 25 people came I believe.  Mostly Dad's friends and family from Farmor's side of the family (sadly also deceased 1 1/2 prior).  I was happy to see that everyone who met me at the airport came.  Anyway, the service went well and I was able to follow, especially the part where the pastor went through Farfar's history.  When Dad, then I, and everyone else laid flowers and expressed their condolences I still was the only one who used English.  But hopefully I will make those words count, just like I did last time with Farmor.  This time will be a bit harder though.  The reception after went well,  but I did worry that I ignored one person as I went to greet everyone else.  And I had to leave the room and go outside a few times because I had a bit of gas.  Still, the reception went well.  And we left with preparations to take a walk with a friend of Dad's that was into construction and then boat out on Lake Lohja with everyone who had met me at the airport.  And this day isn't even half over but I'll stop for now.

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