Helen Jacqueline Sta Maria

Selangor, Malaysia

Jesus's Grateful Child

I discovered Jesus about 13 years ago and I believe this happened because it was time. It was time to let go of the bondages that kept me away from our Lord. It was time to take my journey with Jesus seriously. I am truly blessed, despite the challenges that came my way, preventing me from taking the path towards Jesus, with my guardian angels as my guide, I have pretty much found my way, with very little bruises.

Throughout my life, I have been the bystander, watching through a peep hole, watching the people I love fall very sick and watching them heal through our Lord’s mercy. Believing that our Lord bless us with miracles every day, believing that he gave us our angels to constantly look after us and keep us safe.

13 years ago, my niece who was then 3 years old was diagnosed with 4th stage leukaemia. We were all devastated, thinking that we could lose her to the dreadful disease. Fortunately, by the grace of God, my little niece was in remission exactly 12 months from the time she was diagnosed. Doctors whom were from different faith informed my sister that this healing was certainly a miracle from our Lord. May 10, this year, my niece turned 16!

About the same time more then a decade ago, my mum was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. We were at home, when we noticed something amiss with mum and at that time, due to ignorance, we waited at home for too long. By the time we admitted mum to the hospital, the doc informed us that her sugar was at 37 mmol/L which means she should already be in coma. Here too, we witnessed Jesus hands in keeping my mum alive, conscious and breathing without the assistance of a ventilator.

After a week or so, mum was discharged with diabetic meds to help regulate her sugar levels. Another decade pass, and we are rushing mum again to the hospital and this time, her heart is failing. Mum was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and her heart was only functioning at 25% which is barely half the function a healthy heart. Negligence on my part for not watching her administer her meds correctly has caused her heart to be compromised. Again, we were informed that mum was in critical condition and could fall into coma which would mean placing her on the ventilator. But again, Jesus intervened, and mum pulled through. Barely six months after mum was released from the hospital, her doctor informed us that mum’s heart has improved to 35% which according to him is pretty unusual. And he said this to us; please continue to pray for your mum because your prayers are helping her heal.

Hence, I am a bystander, helplessly watching people I love fall sick and watching our Lord’s hands in healing every one of them and every one of us. All this time, the angels watched over us, the saints prayed for us, Mother Mary’s love kept us strong and Jesus continued to heal us.

I am looking forward to this journey that I have started with Jesus, slowly and surely he is revealing his plans for me, teaching me to serve him by serving his people, making me stronger spiritually, blessing me with wisdom and obedience that I may live my life obeying his commandments. And I will continue to be patient because truly, I have been blessed and I have so much to be thankful for because Jesus saved me and the people I love.



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