Friedemann Schwinger

Dresden, Germany

Essence of my life

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Everybody has a fundamental question inside of himself. But more interesting is that God is putting a question in everybody's heart. My question is: Where is the border between enough an too much? (Gods question for me you will find a little bit later.)

Perhaps, it sounds a little bit strange for you, but I would like to tell you, how I found an answer. Imagine, a mouse was born in a cookie jar and raised up there does she become a cookie? And if somebody raises up in a christian family he or she won't become automatically a Christian.

I grew up in a christian home so I knew some about God, but I didn't have a relationship with Jesus. As an example I knew that stealing is bad but to abet someone was acceptable for me. Then I got contact to Christians and we thought about light and darkness in our soul.There I had my first experience with God. I was sitting alone in a church looking on a sheet of paper with some simple questions. I felt the first time God was whispering to me. In this situation I knew that I was in his eyes guilty. I wrote something down no crimes but I felt that these things separated me from God. It was like a wall between God and me.

After a time of hesitation I decided to tell god loud my inner burden together with someone who helped me. After that the one told me: your sin is forgiven in the name of Jesus. At the moment I felt such an indescribable freedom in my soul. Freedom is my basic experience with God. I really lost my burdens and started to pray: Jesus, please came in my life. Starting from now I belong to you. – I was so free.

Now I'm peacefully with god. I know that my life won't end with my death. In different situations in my life I notice that god has a finger in the pie and don't believe anymore in happenstance. I like to connect with Jesus, to speak with him during my everyday life or to find him in times of silence or in the middle of the city. On this way I discovered his question for me: What is your heart desire? Thereby he shows my the mystery of my heart fulfilling freedom. He delivers me from my fundamental question: “Where is the border between enough an too much?”. He tells me: “It is enough.” or he asks me: “What do you really like to do?” When I hear that I become alive. My pitfall is to work too much instead of finding the balance motivated by my fundamental question. Therefore he asks me: “What desires your heart?”. Than we are speaking about that.

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