Dariusz Wit

Warszawa, Poland

From death to life

I grew up in a very religious family. My parents and grandparents told me a lot about Jesus, Bible church and religion. God was very strict judge in my mind. I thought that after my death He would take good and bad things from my life, compare them and depending on this comparison He would send me to heaven or hell. My dream was to spend eternity in heaven so I spent many hours in church praying and I tried to be a saint. But I continued to fall down over and over no matter how hard I tried. It was a terrible situation. In my opinion eternal life depended on coincidence and it was a reason of deep frustration.

At the same time I began my computer science studies at Technical University of Lodz. There I met some very interesting people who were a part of Christian mission. They had something that I desired - a joy and happiness. I liked spending time with them. One day, a guy from this group, named Peter, told me very important thing. He said: “Darek, I see that you try to be good and deserve God’s love but this is wrong way. You should invite Jesus into your heart and give Him your life. That’s everything you need. Just by prayer” I could not believe what I heard. I went home I kneeled down and prayed. When I finished I understood that it was what I was looking for – Gods free grace for me. I did not have to earn it by good works.

I prayed and gave my heart to Jesus as a Lord and Saviour.

God took my frustration. I could be sure what would happen with me after death that I will spend this whole time with Him in heaven because He promised it in His Word. Priorities of my life changed. Before I wanted to be a rich man but after conversion I wanted to share the greatest news with my family, friends and everybody. It is amazing to see how God changes peoples lives when they obey Him.

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