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A Beautiful New Ship

It was as if I was floating adrift, helpless on the open sea.

As the ocean roared, more and more of the ship I had built with my own hands was torn apart and the splintered pieces were scattered about, floating aimlessly toward distant shores. Plank by plank, I watched in agony as my creation crumbled.

This ship was one of my own expectations. My hopes and dreams for how I thought my life would go. And as it fell apart, I clung to any board I could grasp, refusing to let go of my desired outcomes.

Finally, a wave crashed over me that ripped the last remaining section of ship away from me. I was left treading water with nothing to hold onto, sinking in the middle of life’s ocean.

But then came a beautiful new ship. One built especially for me. Not by my own crude hands, but by a master shipbuilder. This one was perfectly seaworthy; swift and sturdy. It looked nothing like the old junker I once thought was so beautiful, but I knew in my heart it belonged to me. I could tell by the finishing touches that it was designed for me only.

So, when the crew of this fine ship let down a rope to me in the water, I allowed them to haul me on board. Quickly, I was welcomed and given fresh clothes to wear; adornments befitting a captain such as myself.

But, as I made my way to the quarterdeck to take my place at the helm, I realized the strangest thing: it had none. It had tall masts with vast sails, the block and tackle and rigging were all present, even the crew was at my disposal, but my new ship definitely had no helm.

When I inquired regarding this absurdity, I was informed my ship didn't need a helm for the shipbuilder was also the master of the seas. Even if the ship’s wheel was present, it would do no good, for the master had already plotted my course. I was told it would be better for me not to concern myself with steering and instead to focus on the things I could control; those things right in front of me.

I was to drop sail and let the wind move me on. I still had control of my crew and could adjust my sails as I wished, and I was encouraged to do so with all wisdom.

How odd. This was undoubtedly my ship, but I wasn't tasked with deciding where it would go. Instead, I was to sail by faith, trusting the shipbuilder who had rescued me at just the right time. After all, he was the master of the seas.

How equally terrifying and freeing it is not to be steering your own ship.

There's another reality. This ship was ready for me long before I boarded it. In fact, it had sailed past me countless times as I continued to cling to the broken and water-logged boards of my old failing ship. But, I was too distracted in my frustration, too set on my own expectations and too confident in saving myself to ever notice.

Despite my stubbornness, God intervened in my story at exactly the right moment. It wasn't until I realized I had nothing, that I finally saw I actually had everything.

“You see, at just the right time, when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” (Romans 5:6)

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