Aryn Clark

Oxford, USA


I grew up around the Christian faith, but never really made it my own. I would act like a good person, but in reality I had a ton of sin in my life. Lying, gossiping, lusting, cursing, all I hid from people. The One I couldn’t hide it from was Christ. The summer after graduating high school, I was in Romania doing mission work, and it wasn’t until I saw how much of my life I had taken for granted and how much God had blessed me even when I wasn’t living according to His will. I decided in Romania that I needed to evaluate my priorities. After my return to America, at a Christian conference is where I really began to understand what it took and looked like to live a life pursuing Christ daily. The Lord has blessed me beyond I ever deserve. My freshman year of college, my relationship with Christ grew so much more then it had ever before. My relationship with Him is my own, and I know He will lead me on the path He has for me. Now in my sophomore year, I am daily growing with Christ and trying to seek His will for my life. I still mess up and sin, but I know I am forgiven and will join Him in Heaven one day.

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